ALBUM REVIEW: Soulful, Chill, LoFi Vibes On FrM-Anthony's New Rap Album, 'Misfit Island'

FrM-Anthony is a 25 year old rapper and former college athlete who is scoring big time with his new music. His latest release is a fully scored album with ten finely curated rap tracks entitled, "Misfit Island". Against a backdrop of vintage and soulful instrumentation is his organic yet classic feeling flow structure. His performance is thorough throughout the project -- his work stands out in a way similar to J.Cole, Nas, and Mos Def. But he's got a musical mind that is all his own, and you can hear it in the details of his work.

On the opening track, The Visit, Anthony lays out the assignment. There's a consistent mix of chill, lofi vibes on each track. The album can almost be described as "chill-hop soul." I particularly the mix of soulful and percussive energy on Stunted Growth V3 and how the boom bap meets the string loops on Red Pill.

He's a South Louisiana native--born and raised in Patterson and currently residing in Lafayette. While his hard-hitting bars may take him far beyond the gulf coast, no matter where he sleeps, the bayou is home. Anthony is the son of a local musician well known in his own right, so growing up, he naturally had a love for music. But hip hop is what holds the key to his heart.

Another must listen is November. FrM Anthony shares some details of his life coming up. He raps, "me and my uncle stopped meeting cuz my mama and him couldn't agree. They had different ways of teachings. Different ways of briefing. He would talk it out to calm me down. She would just rather beat me." And the song has a dope, festive interlude. It's an innovative track and that feels like an early Kanye song.

From hearing his mom blast Slick Rick bringing him to school, to his aunt giving him Biggie Small’s "Ready to Die" as his first personal CD. And when Ye's "College Dropout" was released, it the first cd he bought with his own money from allowance.

"Twenty plus years later, I'm still picking up gems from everything you said."

How would you describe your sound?

I would describe my sound as boom bap meets conscious rap.

Who are your biggest musical influences?

My biggest influences would be Kanye , Jay-Z , Earl Sweatshirt, and Andre 3000. 

Greatest rapper alive?

Greatest rapper alive to me is Jay Z.

What’s ur favorite thing to do when not making music?

My favorite thing to do when I’m not focusing on music is play pick up basketball and collect vinyl records. I usually like to pick up the oldies or modern classics, listening to greats before me really gets my in creative mode. 

What drives your lyrical content?

My life lessons drive my content;  I’m always eager to learn from my mistakes but most importantly, others mistakes as well. I was always taught, once you stop learning, you stop living. 
I try not to waste any lines when I rap because in today's hip hop, a lot of rappers just say things cause it sounds good over the production, which nothing is wrong with that... always a time and place for something. But coming up the way I did. Going that route just never been my forte.

FrM-Anthony's new album, "Misfit Island" is available for streaming now on major platforms.


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