ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Queen Omara Tells Listeners to 'Stay Different'

Queen Omara is a beautiful and soulful singer, a beast of a rapper, and a profound lyricist. She is making a musical mark in her in Southern Maryland hometown of Nanjemoy. Her latest release, Stay Different featuring Doc Phenom, is a dope rap track that has been picked up by two playlists on Spotify. When she spits, her flow feels like a young Nicki Minaj --dropping beastly bars with a sturdy, feminine energy. But her music is unique; the beat on Stay Different mixes elements of trap, soul, and Southern hip hop to create its own kinda vibe. I definitely f*ck with this single.

The singer picked up singing at just 9 years old from her dad. Omara later knew that a music career was what she wanted after her first talent show in the 5th grade. In high school, she experimented with the choir and tried her hand at different musical instruments, but it would be hip-hop that would give her that special spark. When she sings or raps, instead of focusing on the the trap life, violence, sex, and drugs, her lyrics mostly center around positivity and stratification. On the single she raps, "try to change bad ways.. stay different. Never remain the same... stay different."

"Catching my breath. I'm a jogger. If it happen, don't run to the bloggers. "

After graduating, Queen Omara started rapping and collaborating with other local artists, she attended open mics, and appeared on other digital platforms. Using the connectivity of social media to promote herself independently, she was scouted, and signed to Greystone Music Group, a local independent record label. With Doc Phenom’s productions, the Queen and Greystone began pumping out very unique sounding and quality music.

Greystone and Queen Omara plan to continue working together as far as the future goes, experimenting with sounds and visuals as they create their own diverse genre in the world of music. You’ve been invited on a journey of good fishing days, beautiful designs, and creation of music for your soul.


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