Bobby Gunnz Gets Real on New Rap Album, 'On Granny Name'

If you like West Coast Hip Hop and Classic Rap, you might wanna check out the new project by rapper, Bobby Gunnz. He recently released a 12 track album entitled, "On Granny Name". The album shows off his versatility in his flow, and his maturity as an artist. His sound resonates with the essence of hip hop--keeping it real. For the artist, he says when it comes to making music, his motive is to achieve a mass of listeners, and "to tap into the picture I'm painting of the struggles I've been able to climb over with persistence." With his his raw authenticity and storytelling, he hopes to help folk struggling "know they're not alone."

He starts the album off strong. On the opener, OGN, Bobby Gunnz gets emotional with listeners, as he drops major hints at just how personal he can get on this project. Gunnz raps about losing his father at a young age, having a strained relationship with his mom, and the impact his grandmother's death had on him. He raps, "If my granny wouldn't have died and went to heaven, life could be different for me homie. Thats on granny name." That vulnerability and honesty is appealing.

My City has a solid boom bap beat. It has that classic rap feel. Bobby Gunnz says he "was raised on greats such as 2Pac, Ice Cube, Rakim, and Jay Z. Sing Along, Legacy, and Beneath You all have a seductive type of energy--a smooth yet vibrant soulfulness. He was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada, and he's been doing music for over ten years.

Real magic is made on Beat Us. Lyrically, he keeps it real--going from kicking back with the ladies rollin' the weed up, to talking about his moral code --"loyal to me and my team, but wish the best for who ain't us. Hating is not in my genes. I don't care what no one else does." Bobby Gunnz doesn't need big metaphors and allegory to keep you engaged. "I like to consider my music realistic and creative without being typical," he explained.

"And your girl think I'm dope. Got me on repeat..."

Listening to the album, you can tell Gunnz has a true appreciation and respect for the genre. "I believe in quality and love of the art form called rapping," he said.

Your new album is entitled "On Granny Name". She must be an important force for you. What does the album title mean to you?

My grandmother raised me so the title means the world a lot of who I am is because of her... she always believed in me

What is the live hip hop scene like in Vegas? Do you perform? How has the pandemic affected this?

The hip hop scene in Vegas is now starting to blossom. We have been held back for a long time cause our politicians didn't want it mixing with tourism.

What kinda beats do you like?

West Coast and boom bap and Southern hip hop beats.

Where do you record your music?

With @HellGangHitty @hitvillestudios

Whats your favorite thing to do when you're not making music?

Writing and reading.... taking in more info to expand my mind and creativity.

He's also a family man. "I'm a father and a provider first and music next," he told me. The album is available for streaming now on major platforms.



Instagram: @bobbygunnz702




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