Experimental Hip Hop Artist, Brettathew Takes Listeners Through His 'Bad Trip'

Brettathew is an up-and-coming hip hop artist with a heavy, introspective flow and a poetic-like energy. The Western New York based rapper's most recent release is a dope and innovatively constructed single entitled, Bad Trip

Mellow, chill, lofi energy surrounds the rapper's lyrics as he spits, "but I don't wanna make you sad, I just wanna lay in bed. On that p*ssy, I'm a drugged up mess." His constructive honesty and rhythmic experimentation add an extra dimension to his music; there's a smoky, acoustic, unplugged vibe that I get from listening to Bad Trip

Perhaps his eclectic approach to rap comes from him writing poetry in his younger years. He also offers listeners a backpack kinda authenticity with the content of his bars and his emotive delivery. He's dealt with depression and bipolar disorders for the majority of his life, and there are many fans that will connect with his realness. He's not afraid to take risks with his lyrical content.

"I spend too much time with whores cuz they love the sh*t I spray..."

Brettathew said "wordplay has always been at the very core of my artistry," and it acts as a vessel to channel his energy into something constructive.

I love his laid-back gravitas as he effortlessly glides between rapping and colorfully melodic vocals, all while he aims to touch the lives of others through his introspection. I definitely think you should check out his new song, Bad Trip.


Instagram: @brettathew

Tiktok: @brettathew


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