Handsum Santiago Unleashes His Velvet Falsetto on 'I Won't Change'

Just in time for V-Day, I have stumbled upon an artist with velvet-like vocals, a charming persona, and soulful sex appeal. Singer/songwriter, Handsum Santiago is taking his unique musical stylings from Charleston, South Carolina to the rest of the world. The singer recently released two smooth and soulful singles entitled, I Won't Change and Back it Up.

When Santiago sings, it can sometimes feel like you're listening to an old soul. He takes him time with the lyrics, slowly building the moment; on Back it Up, this is his game. He smoothly sings, "its a strange situation. You left with no hesitation. You said you love me. I want you to prove it to me."

Since emerging with his debut release EP “COVID19” in April 2020, he has been steadily building momentum, revealing new sides of his artistry with every track.  Now, with the release of his most compelling music to date, he says he's ready to "take the modern music world by storm." But its been no easy road.

Santiago’s musical journey began at seventeen years old. Having grown up immersed in R&B, pop, and rap, his talent was immediately apparent to everyone around him. And although he took a brief hiatus from music in his twenties, a life changing revelation on thanksgiving night in 2019 reminded him of his true purpose -- bringing people joy, hope, and inspiration through music.

His other single, I Won't Change is also capturing listeners' attention. The track's contemporary trap meets progressive R&B beat is juxtaposed with Handsum Santiago's seductive crooning.  Santiago’s biggest music influence came from Marvin Gaye, and you can hear the tonal resemblance when he unleashes his falsetto as he sings, "oh have mercy on me. Take your time with me I swear." This is baby making music for sure. 
The artist is currently signed to Santiago Música Group, and he's preparing the release of the albums ‘Handsum’ and ‘Sugar Daddy Land’ for later this year.  Two thrilling and diverse collections, these records perfectly demonstrate everything that makes him so special. With a steady stream of content expected in 2022 and beyond, Handsum Santiago is on his way to leaving a lasting legacy.


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