Jay-Day Gives Listeners Heartfelt Vocals on New Ballad, 'Love U'

Now that we're in February, many of you just realized you have less than two weeks to figure out what you're doing for Valentine's Day. But these days, a nightcap, kickback, or sneaky link seem to be the only things shaking. Earlier today, as I was looking for new songs for my Valentine's Day love song playlist, I came across a smooth, romantic ballad by a 30 year old singer and rapper from Jefferson, Wisconsin. Jacob Wirth, known in the music industry as Jay-Day, just dropped a captivating new R&B love song entitled Love U.

Vocally, Jay-Day's chops feel like a blend of The Weeknd and Tory Lanez. And he has a way with the words. On Love U, he sings, "when I first saw you, I stared into your eyes. I get this feeling, a chill right down my spine." He sings with a soulful passion that will draw in his listeners.

"I love you like you love me. You are my one and only..."

Jay-Day's new single would make a great addition to a contemporary slow jams playlist. It's just a great song for kicking back with your special significant other. Check it out below...


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