ALBUM REVIEW: Ericc Antonio Releases Sobering New Album, 'Pardon My Presence'

Last Fall, we  spotlighted a California standout who made waves with his catchy single, Round and Round.  Now Ericc Antonio is back with his new, full-length album entitled "Pardon My Presence". It's a 9 track rap project with sounds of trap, hints of drill, and plenty of silky smooth R&B.

“Pardon My Presence” Antonio explained, "is a collective of songs that touch on a range of topics." With the uncertain world we're living in, its not a surprise that his album covers everything from betrayal, police brutality, PTSD, injustice to love and humor.

I love the build up on the lead into the song, Gucci & Louie V. This jawn has a smooth chorus, and feels like its radio ready. On the song, Ericc Antonio sings, "dripping in clothes and jewelry. Posting it all on your IG. Thousands of people are following. Whole lotta b*tches is hollering."

Another track I love is Round and Round. On the track, his delivery is a mix of edgy soul and melodic rap--it feels like a cross between Omarion, J. Cole and Bryson Tiller.  His cool, non-abrasive flow and unfiltered biographical kinda backpack content give the song an intimate feel.

"Hope we got each other when the lights come and the flashing colors..."

He's a rapper, singer, and songwriter with a unique sound and standout lyrical content. His witty concepts bring a variety of flow patterns that will keep listeners engaged as he takes them with him on his hip hop  meets soul musical exploration. 

Ericc Antonio's music is innovative, reflective and relevant.  As an artist, he makes sure his songs maintain a modern appeal while not being afraid to that take on touch conversations through his lyrics. That authenticity can be felt on When U See a King. His words have power, and he uses them to paint a portrait of positivity, self-affirmation, and inspiration. There's an anthem quality to this song. He raps, "on my way to the top. Just keep blessing me. I'm lighting this sh*t like its kerosene. I truly don't know how stop."

Other standouts include Eye Gotcha, a head bobbing blues inflected track, and Law Abiding Citizen, where a futuristic beat leaves room for some heavy lyrics. Ericc Antonio touches on difficulties he and others in his community encounter while trying to raise children and thrive amidst racial discrimination, lying politicians, and putting food on the table. It's a sobering song about his harsh reality. 

Ericc Antonio's new album, Pardon My Presence is out now and is available on all major streaming platforms. 







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