ALBUM REVIEW: Los Musick and P.A.T. Louisiana’s Finest Set to Release New Collab, 'ABOUT TIME'

Tonight I got introduced to two of the Bayou's smoothest rappers, Los Musick and P.A.T. Louisiana’s Finest. They just finished a collaborative album, and I got a chance to get an exclusive listen before the project drops on March 25th.

Entitled "ABOUT TIME", it's an 8 song collaboration that mixes laid back Southern Hip Hop with some soul crunk-ish vibes. The combination of creative energy between these two talented hip hop artists and their LaTex connection make this a sound like none other. Los is from Port Author, Texas, and P.A.T. is from Opelousas, Louisiana.

The project kicks off with a soulful track called Catch Ya Breath. The song's lyrics hit home as he sings, "I never know what it's gon' come to next. But I gotta say, I believe I'm blessed." The project as a whole is positive from beginning to end.

On Pay Dem Dues there is a nostalgic vibe as the song feels like a convergence of West Coast 90's gangsta rap and the early 2000s Outkast Southern Hip Hop era. In fact, like Outkast, this rap duo is set to really show listeners their intricate lyricism, memorable melodies and positive messages. Los Musick and P.A.T. Louisiana’s Finest are good at being good.

"Time waits for no man, so I hustle on zoom."

Other songs of note include My Life which feels like a lost Tupac song with the soulful instrumentation of a Mary J. Blige track, and Keep Praying, a song that mixes trill, jazz and southern hip hop. It's dope. "

While "ABOUT TIME" will be officially released on the 25th, you can go ahead and pre-save the album now.

"They be tryna kill us off and we be helping they hand..."


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