ALBUM REVIEW: MxmberzOnly Set to Release New Rap Album, 'Tap Water'

MxmberzOnly is an up-and-coming hip hop artist out of Greenville, North Carolina. His delivery style feels like a cross between J. Cole and Chance the Rapper, and his lyrical acumen is on point. He's a 29 year old on the grind, and his latest project is set to take him one step closer to the top of his game. I was able to get an exclusive listen of his new project, "Tap Water" which is set to drop 3/18/22 on major platforms.

"Tap Water" is a 12 song album with plenty of refreshingly good tracks. It paints a smooth, chill-hop kinda picture with musically, and content wise, it has an introspective, backpack edge. But even when he touches on messed up circumstances, you can feel that his mojo is based in "good energy". One of my faves is Illusions (Tap Water). The song also features fellow artist, Tramon Peacock. In the song, both artists talk about today's climate in the world through their lyrical ability. The song was released as a single on Friday. Check out the video for it below...

Originally born in Richmond, Virginia, music has been a part of his life from a very young age. He was put in a church choir at the age of 6, and since then, he has been cultivating his skills and perfecting his craft becoming one of the most lyrical individuals coming out of the Carolinas.

"These are the vibes, so good energy is what I provide."

You can hear his gifted writing style on Uncle Philanthropy. Its has a vintage acoustic, lo-fi, soulful feel. It hits at the heartstrings of classic rap. It's a dope song; full of jazzy chords, and it gives off a smoky, spoken word, live performance kinda appeal. When he drops in his bars, the energies all align. He raps, "I got my mustard seed of faith, plus I just copped me a eighth. Bitch I'm great. Politicking with my bros about spiritual shit."

Another song you'll wanna check out is New Shoes. It juxtaposes some melancholy, chill instrumentation against MxmberzOnly's authentic and vulnerable vocal sensibility. His melodic rap vibe gels as he sings, "can't seem to get away from what I feel inside. I wanna run away, but I just can'y hide."

Love the chill vibes on Numb, Energy, and Can't Sleep. The album is really solid from beginning to end. The kid has something special. You're gonna wanna add the whole album to your new music list. 


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