ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Cozē Vibez Releases Soulful Single, 'Nowhere'

Cozē Vibez is an exciting new artist. His passion for the unique brand of creative and soulful music he delivers can be evinced on his latest release, a dope single called Nowhere. The song tells a story, and you as a listener can audibly feel his pain as he shares his heartfelt, melodic plea-- he tries not to send mixed messages. The authentic lyrics really give the song a special meaning. Though much of what he's singing is not what one might wanna hear--"you deserve the chance to love, but sweetie, there's no chance for us," he delivers that message beautifully.

"I'm not tryna be a jerk. Not tryna. make you hurt. I just don't wanna lead you on..."

Cozē Vibez is the very first artist to be assigned to Black Naga’s label, Live More Music Group. And if you can't tell-- he's a gifted songwriter; his passion has always been songwriting, which he’s been doing for over a decade. His vocals--with all the syncopation, and his dances around major and minor intervals, present a modern interpretation of rhythm and blues.

Hailing from Washington DC, Cozē takes a new approach to soul music, penning conversation-like lyrics that are truly relatable. “Nowhere” was originally written for John Legend. The single is out now and available on major streaming platforms.


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