ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Fatimah Mingo Raises the Bar on New Single, 'Healing Us'

Fatimah Mingo is a 21 year old aspiring new age artist from New York City. Last year, she released her EP, "Flowers and Broken Details". She considers herself "a beginner artist... I have always had an interest in becoming a music artist ever since I was 14," she explained. So, her EP had a singular purpose: "a project to put myself out there when it comes to music and when it comes to me actually creating songs and posting it for the world to see." She says, "I didn't care whether the songs sounded good, my main goal was to push myself to be better plus put a message out there you don't have to be perfect the first time around. " But her debut EP delivered an invigorating yet chilled-out kinda vibe. Its mostly instrumental, and would be best described as a soothing cross between jazz and chill-hop.

On her new single, Healing Us, Mingo raises the bar. The song radiates with positive light and healing energy. The mix of her soft mumbled vocals and relaxing instrumentation make this single perfect for a morning meditation. Check it out below...

Her next album, "Zodiac Signs" will be about all of the zodiac signs starting with Aquarius. She hopes to release that next month, but you can listen to all her music on Spotify and Apple Music, and other music streaming platforms.





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