ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: JameirKGolden's New Single, 'Do or Die' Getting Major Buzz

After getting that major cosign from Playboi Carti, alt-hip-hop rapper, JameirKGolden caught the attention of the music industry. So when I heard his latest single, Do or Die, I knew I was in for something special. The 22 year-old American rapper, singer, and songwriter is getting buzz for his deep tones and seating immersive atmosphere.

Born Jameir Desean Kirkpatrick in Louisville, Kentucky, he started writing music at just 14, and by 17, he was ready to unleash his beast publicly. JameirKGolden released his first song, Gucci on SoundCloud in 2017. This helped create a buzz around him, and he became an even more popular figure on Spotify after his song, Losing My Mind topped a million streams. His music blends a number of elements like emo rap, lo-fi, and mumble rap. Listening to his new single, I noticed something hidden and restrained about his performance that was alluring.

"Better watch yo back. Boy, they comin' outta sight."

On Do or Die, Jameir employs a raspy, dark sound. He raps with a subtle bounce that gives his delivery some extra energy. Lyrically and rhythmically, it feels like a drill song, like when he raps, "better hold your breath. You better not move without a fight."

He's definitely got the chops and the bars to be up next. He's gained the attention of a couple record labels such as Columbia, Warner Music Group, and Opium Records which is ran by the artist Playboi Carti.

Check out his new single, Do or Die and the rest of his catalogue on major streaming platforms.




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