ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Mighty PLUTO is 'The Sophisticated Savage'

Mighty PLUTO is an innovative, super-creative hip hop artist who's latest release is setting the internet abuzz. Entitled The Sophisticated Savage, its a dope single that blends southern rap, soul-funk, early swag rap, and crunk.

Sonically, The Sophisticated Savage feels like a mashup of Three 6 Mafia's Sippin on Some Sizzurp Poppin My Collar ft. Project Pat and Soulja Boy's Pretty Boy Swag. The song blends deep bluesy textures, triumphant church organs, thick funk and meaty soul to create a dope nostalgic sound.  His slightly muffled yet heavy feeling bars hit differently. There's a soulful twang to his delivery. His rhymes stay positive and upbeat, encouraging listeners to pursue perseverance and have endurance. He raps, "I gotta spit the truth, I cannot tell a lie. Heroes get remembered, but legends never die."

"When it comes to success, the only option is to try..."

The song is enhanced by the visual. To really help PLUTO deliver that punch, he linked up with Dex Heartwood to created some animations for the music video.

Mighty PLUTO definitely has a sound and style to watch. And his top 5 is as eclectic and interesting as his music. He says, his top 5 dead or alive include MF DOOM, Nas, Big Pun, Sticky Fingaz, Jay-Z. And for you young bucks that don't know who Sticky Fingaz is, go sit in the corner, but he was in Onyx and helped push an East Coast Hip Hop wave in the early 1990s. It makes sense since Mighty PLUTO is East Coast through and through. He’s from Boston, Massachusetts. But it's also further proof of his hip hop sophistication-- PLUTO's ear is fine tuned. 

You can check out Mighty PLUTO's new song now on major streaming platforms.



Website: Instagram: @mightypluto



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