MUSIC SPOTLIGHT: RAXZ Records is Making Music Waves

RAXZ Records is a cutting-edge music label in Atlanta, Georgia. Their creative strategies and broad audience is helping make waves, so this week we are spotlighting RAXZ Records. The company is led by Co-CEOs, Hefe RAXZ and Bryan RAXZ. They are from Tucson, Arizona but now live in music powerhouse, Atlanta, Georgia. They make music that ranges from Mexican regional music to hard-hitting rap songs.

I got a chance to check out some of their hottest artists including Clave6Cuatro who's latest song, El Venado, will brighten your mood and make you wanna dance. Check out the video below...

But like I said, they also have dope hip hop artists on their roster. RAXZ Records artist Aske recently dropped a sick song entitled FIFA ft. Evander Griiim.

On the song Aske raps, "we don't know n*ggas. Only gang. That's who run wit me." He's got a smooth finish to his delivery, and he's nice with the lyrical content.

Check out the official Music Video below...

The rest of the label's team is made up of Ray RAXZ who is the producer for the label and Angel RAXZ the social media manager, while Pedro RAXZ is the photographer.


El Venado Clave6cuarto:

FIFA- Aske:
All white launch party:


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