Rapper/Singer, MOP Head Drops Melodic New Single, 'Slow Down'

MOP Head is a versatile artist capable of making many different genres of music. His latest single mixes elements of pop, alternative rock, hip hop, and melodic rap. It's entitled Slow Down, and it also features Vxlious and Rossgosage. The sound on the track is out of the box.

Born and raised in Alpharetta, Georgia, everyone around him knew there was something special from an extremely young age. He was constantly singing and diving into new genres. Growing up with two sisters one of them being older, she was where he found his love for bands such as "The All American Rejects" "Taking Back Sunday" and "The Killers". MOP began to explore music more and found him self falling in love with bands and artists over the years such as "Bring Me The Horizon" "Neck Deep" "Beartooth" "Eminem" "Lil Wayne" "XXXTENTACION" "Hollywood Undead" "Juice WRLD" "Jason Derulo" "Maroon 5" "My Chemical Romance" and many more.

"Sh*t I watched you change through my pain. Thats what hoes do..."

By 17, MOP found himself making his own music, and he decided it was what he was going to do. On Slow Down, he does his thing artisically. As the song's bassline loops around a slowed down trap drum beat, he blissfully dances around riffs and complicated melodic sequences. And his lyrics are just as tough. He raps, "I am not your mistress. Kill the tensions, volume, the persistence."

MOP wants his music to help impact and make a difference for people the same way the music he loves has for him. MOP is extremely dedicated to keeping what he's doing fresh and new it will be entertaining to see all the different directions he decides to go in. You can hear MOP Head's new song, Slow Down, on major streaming platforms.


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mop._.head/?hl=en

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/1t83FymQBfp8HPVPglmU7i?si=lBjdCZcSRM6gEDbW77lSpw


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