ALBUM REVIEW: FL Rapper Dee Wile Proves He's Up Next With New Album, 'You Can Play The Game or You Can Change the Game'

Dee Wile is a dope up-and coming rapper outta Florida. The 27-year-old Tampa native just dropped his newest release entitled, "You Can Play The Game or You Can Change the Game". Last night, I got a chance to give it a listen, and I must say, I was quite impressed. His sound and content feel unique. His ability to inject humor, sex and substance in each of his rhymes makes him stand out from the crowd like on Palm Trees ft. Audio King where he raps he's "surrounded by these palm trees and bomb weed."

"Energy so healing you would think that she Hindu..."

"You Can Play The Game or You Can Change the Game" is a ten track project, and it features some dope songs including Roll Another Gram Up, Beautiful ft. Friday Jones, and Credit Score where he raps, "been getting it since the age of nine. I know the game from A to Z. They know Dee Wile for free game, but that don't mean you can play wit' me."

Another standout is the projects finale, Shall I Continue. It plays like a hood love ballad with Wile rapping about all the things he loves about his special linky link. And he puts in that extra finesse for her, rapping, "take you on a ride, baby this ain't no rental. Jus a lil something so I can see how those hips move." Stylistically, Dee Wile's flow reminds me of Plies, but lyrically, he's his own beat.

"Need at least some street smarts. I can't fuck with no stupid hoes..."

Dee Wile has been busy grinding putting out mixtapes and full length albums including "Free Game", "Game Recognize Game", "Even More Game", and "The Quarter Oz". And just as busy as he's been in the studio, he has set more than a few stages on fire, and he's opened for some heavy hitters including Snow the Product and Tory Lanez.

Creatively, he takes inspiration from Southern rap legends like Devin the Dude and Curren$y while he's building his own brand through word-of-mouth and buzzing off his mixtapes. He jumped onto the scene in 2017 with "While You Wait" and then released over 9 independent albums from 2018-2022. Rather than sign on with a label, the talented MC instead decided to remain independent. But this hasn't slowed down his progress. To date Dee has garnered over 1,000,000 streams worldwide.

You can check out his new album, "You Can Play The Game or You Can Change the Game" on major streaming platforms now.


Instagram: @DeeWileSativa
Facebook: Dee Wile


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