ALBUM REVIEW: Sol Drops Innovate New Hip Hop Project, 'When Seasons Change'

Solomon Murray is a 22 year old multi-genre music artist who loves being a storyteller through music as Sol. His album was just released yesterday, and I had a chance to check it out. Entitled "When Seasons Change", it's a full-length, 17 track hip hop project that blends R&B, rock and electronic sounds into a delightfully innovative compilation of self-affirming, introspective, and authentic revelations from Sol.

His futuristic meets seductive sound captivates you from the first track, Midas, where he sings, "everything I touch, it turns into gold." As he croons against the slow-moving beat, the energy feels like a touch of Prince.

Sol was born and raised in Columbia, South Carolina. He started music 2 about years ago, and is now on his third independent project. Sonically, you can hear that he's a purveyor of hip hop. But his appreciation of music extends beyond rap's walls; he considers himself a multi genre artist. You hear his versatility on Balloons as he unleashes a soulful vocal sound.

"If we are not together, why you checkin for me? "You say its chess not checkers like I was checkin Your Peace"

"I love telling stories in & through my music — whether one song or telling a story through an album," he explained. He tells a great story on From Me, To Me, I'm Sorry where he reveals much about himself through lyrics. He spits, "I got abandonment and trust issues. And I never uplifted you. I just watched you cry, and never offered up tissues."

Another song I love is I Want It All which also features singer, Massimo. On the track, there are some cool melodic duet moments, and I also like when he raps, "Imma have a chat with the ref right quick. Flag on the play when I step like this."

Other songs of note include Pop It, Private Party which has an E-40 kinda bounce to it, and a sick track called Don't Play Wit It. featuring Jayling. Their rhymes literally just glide with the spacey beat. It's smooth.

Sol's new album When Seasons Change in out now on major platforms. There are some Spotify playlist worthy songs on the project, so it's definitely worth checking out.





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