ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Seanxo Delivers Listeners Some 'Spring Love' On New Single

Seanxo is a talented, up-and-coming artist. The 19 year old's new song has the innovative quality of a good playlist selection. His unique and creative sound are a result of his approach to music. He's always been eager to shape hip hop's sound. His latest release is a romantic trap love song entitled Spring Love. He does a great job at storytelling; on the track he sings, "I was all in for the romance, but she don't want me, she don't want that." The single also features a verse from The Khidd.

"Tried to play me like a goofy. Baby, I was never the one..."

What I love about this track is how Seanxo seamlessly crushes the boundaries between melodic trap and R&B to deliver a smooth, futuristic, soulful pulse. It's a whole vibe. He started music in the seventh grade using a school issued laptop and a website then called “soundtrap”. His sound has been compared to ABoogie and Polo G, but his melodic style and lyrical substance are different.

Seanxo is on the grind. He puts out his music as an independent artist. Born and raised in South Carolina, he's looking to become one of the hottest artists on the scene. In a short time span, he has already opened for a number of artists like Jetsoo and Killumantii. He's definitely an artist to keep on your radar. His latest single, Spring Love is out now and available on major streaming platforms.



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