London Based Singer-Songwriter, JP.Kazadi Delivers New Heartfelt and Empowering EP, 'Skin Real Gone'

Earlier, I previewed the latest release from a singer-songwriter out of the UK whose sound is a cross between experimental, alternative rock, and the traditional rhythm and blues genres. His name is JP.Kazadi, and his music serves a higher purpose.

He has released a brilliant project that combines the harmonious elements of pop, r&b, and soul music. Entitled "Skin Real Gone", it's a brave, effort by the London based singer to use his gift to send an uplifting and empowering message to listeners.

"But good things in life are free they say."

It's a 3 track EP, and each song brings a unique perspective as his lyrics center around his experience--life, love, and his purpose. It opens with Skin, a song where he sings, "look around. Don'r ignore what you see. The racism, hatred must end. People, people wake up. Despite the rock-like guitar loops, his soulful, pleading voice gives the song a Marvin Gaye's Whats Going On kinda nostalgia. On Real, he transitions to romance as he sings about finding the real thing, "there is hope you keep something real, so real." The song shows off his wonderful head voice. On Gone, the mood shifts again as he melodically shares a heartfelt struggle to find out "what more do you want from me." It's a more somber, sobering selection with an acoustic feel. He sings, "you've gone too far with your demand."

JP.Kazadi is a great story teller, and his authentic lyrics will definitely connect with listeners of multiple genres. You can check out Skin Real Gone on Spotify and other streaming platforms.


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