Rapper, Rixh Slime Drops Dope Drill Rap Project-'Get Rich or Die Slimin'

When people think of hip hop, usually the brain strays to images of the gritty, urban environs of the New York City, but just a few hours drive upstate, there is a dope, energetic rapper who is bringing his fresh sound listeners all over New York and even beyond. Rixh Slime just dropped a new rap album entitled "Get Rich or Die Slimin". As a rapper, he delivers sonically and lyrically, and the album has some nice features including SixGodIcyy and Truzo aka Biggg Traaap.

The 10 track project mixes elements of drill, trap, and utilizes some sick samples like on the song City Girls where the drill beat set against the sampled vocal loops give the song that 1-2 punch. It hits hard. On the track he spits, after we F*ck baby roll up the Runtz. Got her feenin' for d*ck, and I only hit it once."

"Throwin that p*ssy back like its a Thursday."

Slime is the founder his very own recording label, Chasen 100 Mill which has a hefty roster of talent including Slime himself. He's been recording music since he was 11, so his delivery is extra crispy. And the fluidness of his work shows he's got the chops to excel in his profession. Other standouts include Ivan Ooze, David Blaine, and Slime Baby Pt.2.

With his witty bars and innovative style, Rixh Slime is showing the world he's versatile like no other and as turnt as they come. But he's from New York, so I understand. His new album, Get "Rich or Die Slimin" is out now and available on Soundcloud and other streaming platforms.


Instagram:  @rixh_slime422

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.app.goo.gl/HRt9LvvvRAu9iQaH9

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/37Hvebs6LFY17u8qdrHwae


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