ALBUM REVIEW: JusKolMeAl Releases Powerful Rap Album, 'The Al Taylor Project'

JusKolMeAl is a dope rap artist who came up just a few miles from some of the hip hop industry's biggest legends. He's from Roosevelt, NY, and during his early years, of Al was inspired by the sounds of Rakim, Chuck D, EPMD and many other Long Island based MCs of that golden era of Hip Hop. Now he's making his own imprint on the industry, and his latest project, is a 12 track self-introspective, hard-hitting rap album entitled "The Al Taylor Project".

"So why don't you save me a dance and what not. And give me a chance to show you what I got."

Musical standouts on the album include How Many Times, Like Dat, and Things We Do, but my favorite song on the album is Boulevard. The track, which features the R&B vocals of Lakeith Rashad on the chorus, has a classic feel. With his heavy, commanding flow, and New York accent, it was as if I was listening to LL Cool J. He raps, "even split, give to my clique, everyday like a paper route. We done came up, so whats all the hate about."

JusKolMeAl has a full-bodied, grown man sound, and he's known for his wicked punchlines and story-driven lyrics. The artist has managed to touch many souls throughout his career. He started as a collegiate DJ, later made the transition to producer in the early stages of his career., and found solid gold in the art of being an emcee.

Another track of note is I Know. It's a moving song with a sick beat. It feels live, funky, and has an original drum beat that gives the song an organic, heartfelt appeal.  

"The Al Taylor Project" was released on March 31st through the ManKave Musik moniker, and it's available on on major platforms. 





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