ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Canadian Hip Hop Artist, Shaq Bruce Opens Up on New EP 'Damaged Goods'

Shaq Bruce is a hip hop musical phenomena of the Canadian sort. The Edmonton, Alberta artist grew up jamming to the soulful sounds of R&B, and later he felt the pulse of hip hop's energy. He started rapping around fifteen, and by nineteen, Bruce was in the booth recording music professionally.

Lyrically, he makes personal music about his life using hard-hitting punch lines, and a silky smooth flow to connect with the listener. His most recent project, Damaged Goods, is an introspective 6-track EP where he raps about getting cut deep, vivid scars, and being a toxic partner. On Toxic, he spits, "the worst guy, but tomorrow, I'm the f*cking best."

It is almost like he knows exactly how the listener is feeling, and what stories to tell. Never afraid to express emotion in his music, or paint vivid pictures with his lyrics.

"I been up-and-coming for a minute, I been struggling. But in a minute, bet the world is ours cuz of all I penned. "

His sound has been influenced by legendary contemporaries Drake, The Weeknd, Kendrick Lamar, and Kanye West, but he has developed his own voice and his own unique style of soulful rap. Listening to the EP, it felt vibrant, alive, and full of soul. Even when he rapped about the painful stories or pictures, the words stood tall against the upbeat mood. It's a really cool and interesting vibe throughout the project. Shaq Bruce's latest EP, Damaged Goods is available on Spotify, Apple Music and other major platforms.


Instagram: @shaqbruceraps
Facebook: ShaqBruceRaps


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