Don Logan Goes from Emo to 'Party Rap' on New EP, 'Table for One'

19-year-old, Don Logan is more than meets the eye. On the one hand, he's a kid from Tucson, Arizona. But there's an alluring story. Originally he's from the Middle East, and his bifurcated upbringing is not the only thematic duality for Logan. His new EP is a juxtaposed depiction --one side, the highlife party scenes--alongside brooding and introspective environments. Entitled "Table for One", the project officially drops on May 13th, but I got a chance to get an exclusive listen.

His sound is a blended mix of melodic hip-hop and R&B, but he explores elements of contemporary rap and alt-pop on this project as well. On Lethal, he sonically fuses dark and bright vibes with an emo-alt-pop sound as he sings, "drugs, they got the best of me. Broke my heart. Now, it's a lethal recipe." Lyrically, Don describes the song as a "moody ballad" centered around running from his past, deep desires for love, and falling into substance abuse.

"I see it in your eyes. Every move I make you over analyze..."
Don Logan’s creative process is highly experimental and is influenced by The Weeknd, Post Malone, Juice WRLD, and the use of drugs. This leads to a wide pool of sonic and thematic ideas. An innovative track I enjoyed is Fragrance. The futuristic, vibrant jam is about two lovers on the edge of connection. Vocally, Don Logan soars to his peak on this song. It's got a nice edgy party pulse, and a groovy, funk sound. It's a whole vibe.

Logan’s 7-track EP, "Table For One" has a modern sound that incorporating notes of genres past to bring light to the sound of what's to come. His new EP will be out May 13th on major platforms.



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