Dope Art in a Box from MadBomr, Monthly Graffiti Subscription Box

Over the last few years, getting everything from flowers to smoothies to pet food has become more streamlined. Through subscription boxes, buyers can get curated products delivered right to their doors. But this week, I discovered I could get a subscription to one of my favorite art forms: graffiti. Not everyone lives in a gritty, street art-filled neighborhood like mine, but that doesn't mean you have to ditch your affinity to it. MadBomr is a cool monthly graffiti subscription box that will bring street art right to your doorsteps.

According to a company rep I spoke with, a buyer can go on the site, choose between a month-to-month or long-term subscription and then see four to six full-sized graffiti/street art items delivered to their door monthly. Items shipped include markers, paint pens, mops, eggshell stickers, caps, scribers, dvd's, mini's and other dope swag for the street-art loving culture. Some packs even include exclusive and limited edition items.

The company also tries to connect with the hip-hop community sponsoring and participating in events like the Elements of Hip Hop events and Black Books and Rhymes.  But what I also f*ck with is MadBomr's committment to not only spreading the reach of graffiti, but also how it spotlights dope street artists each month. Giving a platform to help graffiti artists thrive is cause enough for me to wanna support MadBomr. For May 2022, they featured the creative work of Wick 1974, a 47-year-old artist living in Ontario, Canada. "W!CK, and the creations that have come from my name, were created to help battle my depression/anxiety... 2017 was the year I started writing W!CK. I was lost looking for ways to motivate and keep busy. Graffiti art helped me get motivated and create amazing things," he explained.

Each package sent out will also include trade stickers from artists, graffiti writers, and brands. Every package will also have a featured artist and a 4x6 print of their artwork that is printed on sticker paper.

For more information about MadBomr's mission and all they do, you can check out their website at, and also follow their IG page is @madbomr


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