Music Exec, Eric Walden is Discovering New Talents and Helping them Shine "By The Barricade"

This week, we are spotlighting Eric Walden, a dope asset to the music business community. From A&R to managing an independent record label to excelling in music marketing, Walden is the plug.  He's the creative force behind, By The Barricade, a fast growing website geared towards emerging artists and he's also the founder of indie record label, Awfully Good Records. We got a chance to pick his brain, and I think you'll learn a lot from our interview...

So, tell me about a little about your background...

Well, I've spent the last decade working as an accomplished marketing executive across multiple industries, including music, entertainment, and enterprise. I've also helped countless brands scale their digital and social media presence.

So many artists draw a blank when you start talking about branding, marketing, and presence. For the folks who are new to the music industry or for those who aren't as savvy as you, how your work can you explain help artists and brands grow their audiences ?

My efforts have led to record-breaking sales and cost-saving milestones via unique SEO, PPC, and influencer marketing approaches. In addition, my creative background  has helped me to be able to consistently create out-of-the-box strategies that help artists and brands achieve impactful results.

So what is By The Barricade, and how is that different from your label, Awfully Good Records?

I've  always been interested in music. This eventually led to me creating By The Barricade. It's a website dedicated to discovering emerging and established artists across multiple genres, including rock, metal, punk, and indie. 

Thats dope.... A lot of our readers are artists themselves. How could benefit from your site?

Thanks. The site also includes e-learning content from industry experts and leaders in the music realm. Walden’s vision is to empower and educate future industry and upcoming musicians alike.

And then you have the record label apart from that?

Yes. I'm the founder of Awfully Good Records which released music from artists such as Firing All Cylinders, Filmspeed, and others. 

Walden’s past and continued work with brands and e-commerce clients always include an all-inclusive approach, which takes each project from inception to completion. His efforts are in-line with the latest digital trends & best practices. When Walden isn’t leading his fully remote marketing team and building winning strategies for clients, he spends time volunteering as an event planner, executing campaigns for multiple child activist groups.

You can check out Eric's website, By The Barricade here:


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