New Study Finds Listening to Hip Hop is Good For Your Workout

Music is good for the soul, and it's also good for your health. In fact, folks that listen to music while working out tend to push themselves harder than those who don’t.  I know for me, rap music helps get me through that final push of my workout. But now science is backing  up music's enduring quality--and rap music tops the list. Kay Woot, a blogger recently posted an article about a the group of participants who were asked to ride a stationary bike at a moderate pace while listening to either fast-paced or slow-paced music. 

The study, completed by the University of Pennsylvania found that the people who listened to fast-paced music rode for an average of two minutes longer than those who listened to slow-paced music, so that confirms why hip hop is the magic sauce. In addition, the study found that participants who listened to fast-paced music had a higher heart rate and perceived exertion level than those who didn’t. 

The findings also suggest that music can be a powerful tool for motivation, helping people to push themselves harder and achieve their fitness goals. 

You can visit Kay Woot's site to check out 20 Studies and Statistics on Music You Won’t Believe.


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