New York Rapper, Brettathew Drops New Experimental Rap EP, 'S P A C E Y'

This morning, I listened to an EP from a dope emcee out of Western New York. Brettathew is a rapper with a respect for hip hop's fundamentals, and he raps with a crisp edge and poetically leaning bars. His newest release is a three track project entitled, "S P A C E Y". 

The EP begins with I Dunno, an introspective, backpack rap type song. He unleashes a unique brand of lyrical acumen that shapes the song's feel and reveals a bit about Brettathew himself. He raps, "medicine poisonous if you overusing it. I be gymnastic wit it. I go hard then do a split." Check out the lyrical video for the single below...

The second song on "S P A C E Y" is called Blacked Out. On the track which has a mashup of cool samples and eclectic musical sounds, Brett creates a futuristic trap-tastic sound. His flow feels more "drill" on this song, and he continues revealing litte nuggets about himself. He spits, "anxiety burn a hole inside of me. Honestly, hoe don't lie to me." 

For the New Yorker, wordplay is important, and it remains at the very core of his artistry. Brettathew uses rap to channel volatile emotions and energy into a constructive release. His experimental-like flows continue onto the last song, Legends of an Intergalactic Poet. From showcasing laid-back gravitas that effortlessly glide between rapping and colorfully melodic flows, to raw, and gourmet bars, with iconic punchlines, he aims to touch lives through his own unique strain of hip-hop. This song has a nice, groovey alternative hip hop kinda vibe. It sits in the crossroads of alt rock and emo rap, and for Brettathew, its his last chance on this project to introduce an audience to his story. He raps about trust issues and turning to violence. And he does it in an authentic way.

"Some sling dicks, some push bricks. I cook hits."

He's one of the latest talents to emerge from Western New York's music scene, with his first public releases marking a new chapter in September 2020. A self-driven approach the craft has left Brettathew with a unique style that acts as an anchor for the bipolar disorder that he's otherwise coped with for the majority of his life. With his music vastly grounded in a long for love, Brettathew has his sights set on developing his ever-growing discography, fueled by authentic emotional introspection.

His new EP, "S P A C E Y" is out now and available on YouTube and other major platforms.



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