About The Weekly Beat

The Weekly Beat is one of the fastest growing hip hop blogs. We are your source of weekly hip hop updates, music reviews, and rapper spotlights. We also drop a free rap beat every week.

Our goal is to tell the story--of the music, the artist, and the story behind the project. We interview, review, spotlight, and feature rappers, singers, producers, and artists --from legendary hip hop artists to up and coming rappers, we write about it all.


Filthy Riché, known professionally as Al Gill Chenault, is the Editor-in-Chief of The Weekly Beat. He's a former A&R for Epic Records and also worked for Simon Cowell's Syco Entertainment as a talent scout for America's Got Talent and the X-Factor.

In addition to The Weekly Beat, Chenault owns several other urban media websites where he publishes under the Filthy Riché moniker including RapCrunch and UrbFash. He also hosts the upcoming YouTube series, Before You Hit Next.

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